Give potential customers the opportunity to look around your store with a virtual 360° Google Street View Tour.

Virtual tours on Google Maps

A 360 degree panoramic tour with Google Street View is an innovative and efficient marketing tool that allows your potential customers to immerse themselves virtually in your business premises and get a first impression of your ambience. And that 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a one-off investment!


- 360 degree company presentation on the web around the clock

- improved visibility and findability on Google Maps

- more traffic on your website, more customers in the store

- transparent presentation of your company strengthens trust

- Photos can be updated at any time if necessary

- high quality photos for your marketing activities

- One-time investment

Present your company on Google Maps

A 360 degree tour on Google Maps improves the visibility and findability of your company on the web. This increases your attention and the chance of winning new customers. Your potential customers can navigate virtually through your business premises with just a few clicks and, thanks to the authentic 360-degree shots, have the feeling of being right in the middle.


By integrating your 360 degree tour from Google Maps into your website, it is significantly upgraded and stands out from the websites of your competitors who have not embedded a virtual tour. The dwell time of your website visitors increases, which in turn has a positive effect on your ranking on Google.

More visibility on Google Maps


A virtual 360 degree tour - a must-have in the digital company presentation

A virtual 360 degree panoramic tour with Google Street View is simply part of a professional and effective corporate image. Given the interactive possibilities that Internet users have today and are used to, they expect such significant aspects from every company. If you do not allow potential customers to see your business premises, skepticism and distrust can arise.


A virtual 360-degree panoramic tour is also essential in the hotel and catering industry. With our professional photos, which present your company in a transparent and guest-oriented way, the prospect of more reservations increases.


By adding a QR code to your print advertising material, which leads interested parties directly to your virtual 360-degree panoramic tour, your flyers and brochures become eye-catchers.

building up trust

Show potential customers your premises - and your customers will see for themselves, very interactively, what they can otherwise only experience on site. That creates trust. With openness and transparency you show straight out that a visit to you is worthwhile. Whichever way you look at it: Business View panoramic tours give customer relationships completely new perspectives.

increase attention

A virtual Google Street View Trusted / Business View panoramic tour gives your Google entry greater visibility and presence. The 360° tabs in Google Maps provide a direct insight into the panorama images. Show that you are completely unique. With a panoramic tour for everyone who would like to get to know your offer better.

added value

The virtual excursions are created using Google Street View technology. The panoramas appear in both Google search results and Google Maps. The interactive tour can also be implemented on your website, the Facebook page or in the smartphone app. Sebastian Fiebak, Google Stre



How about an interactive tour?

Google Street View Trusted offers you a 360° tour that shows your company from its best side and allows potential customers to take a look around before they actually visit you. In addition to the standard variant, we integrate special hotspots into the 360° tour, which provide the viewer with additional information in the form of text, images, videos, audio files and slide shows.


Especially in the area of ​​gastronomy, you enable the visitor to choose a table in the virtual tour and reserve it right away. In hotels, guests can navigate directly to the different room types and can book their desired room and any additional services directly.


In the virtual tour of a fashion boutique, the customer is guaranteed to come across one or the other piece of clothing that he really wants – preferably right away. If he clicks on it, he receives additional product information and can immediately put the desired product in the shopping cart.


The connection to Google, Google Analytics and social networks leads the 360° tour through the tour extension to promising results.

Is a tour worth it?

On the one hand, the increased presence in the search and, on the other hand, the enormous upgrading of your website and your local business directory entry on Google speak in favor of the virtual tour. The high-quality photos can also be used for other marketing measures and advertising material such as posters, homepages, flyers, etc. The interactive tour can be used flexibly on your website or on the Facebook page and is based on the latest technology in panoramic photography.


One-time investment

virtual tour of your company

increased visibility in Google searches

continuous development

easy integration on the website

high quality photos for marketing activities

Local marketing couldn't be cheaper or more convenient. Because marketing today is hardly conceivable without the extravagant or extraordinary.

Request for a Google Street View tour


The price for a 360° tour on Google Maps depends on the number of 360° shots required: a 360° shot is taken every 3-5 meters. Clear connecting paths must be recognizable between the 360° recordings.


Google Photography brings your business:

35% more views of your website*

42% more inquiries about your availability*

 2x   more likely to be seen as a renowned company*

*Quelle: Google/Oxera, The Benefits of Complete Business Listings, December 2014