Your trust is my motivation

Reflecting reality without showing people is an art I strive for. Capturing feelings like joy, happiness, confidence and love is the passion that drives me. The pictures should be emotional and authentic, that's my goal.


Your wedding is my focus

Your wedding day is a day of joy, happiness and love. It is my job to accompany you unobtrusively on this day and to capture all your important moments and emotions in unique pictures forever.


We start with the preparation for your wedding ceremony, I pay close attention to the details and capture your most private moments in this exciting phase full of reflection and anticipation.


The wedding ceremony is the focus of this day and I will stand by your side and capture these very emotional moments in great detail.


The wedding ceremony is probably the most important part of this day and I will be by your side with my camera.


The group photos of you and all guests are the starting signal for the upcoming shooting. Together with your best man and closest relatives, we will create dreamlike pictures for eternity.


For about an hour I will implement particularly imaginative ideas with you at a bridal couple shooting.


At your celebration, I will then skilfully stage the grandiose and unique atmosphere in the background.

You can book me for that



Your emotion is my inspiration

I am very happy to accompany your wedding day and I am happy to be able to enjoy your trust.


  • We get to know each other personally at a meeting. I'm happy to take my camera with mea little couple shoot with.

  • I will accompany you at the wedding and keep this special day as possibleunobserved for eternity.

  • All wedding pictures worth seeing will then be professionally reworked by me.

  • I will then make the pictures available on an online server.

  • after personal consultation I will design a photo book for you and/or create a slide show.